With over 175 years of combined industry experience, Parex USA boasts a rich history built on hard work, knowledge, commitment and loyalty.


Today, Parex USA is one of North America’s most respected suppliers of building materials. Their dynamic offering of leading brands have been created to support the building industry with exceptional product development and the highest standard of service in the industry, Parex USA is committed to exceeding customer expectations and the demands of an ever changing industry.


As Parex USA moves into the future, they are empowered by a corporate philosophy based on five core values:


Customer Focused “At Parex USA we listen to our customers and partners, to continuously improve our products and services.”


Innovation “Customer feedback and innovation are essential to developing new products and services. Challenging the conventional is key to our future.”


Team Spirit “Shared global expertise and relationships produce a team atmosphere and commonality that are recognized by all employees.”


Operational Excellence “We strive for superior performance beyond the expectations of our customers. We constantly look for ways to improve processes and continue to have the courage to pursue new ideas.”


Results Oriented “We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and results. Our objectives to continuously grow and improve are clearly set and all employees are committed to this goal.”


United in a solid commitment to these values, has established Parex USA as one of North America’s most respected suppliers of EIFS, Stucco Solutions, and tile and stone installation systems.



Parex USA Timeline

LaHabra Products, Inc. begins manufacture of pre-blended exterior stucco and interior plaster.
LaHabra Products builds largest stucco plant in United States to supply Disneyland and rapid growth in Anaheim, CA.
LaHabra Products reinvents the stucco industry with the introduction of user-friendly base and separate color packs.
El Rey Stucco begins manufacturing stucco in Albuquerque, NM.
El Rey Stucco launches a second facility in Colorado Springs, CO.
ParexGroup begins manufacturing Parex Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) in Redan, GA.
Parex launches a second facility in French Camp, CA.
LaHabra Products unveils a new manufacturing facility in Riverside, CA.
The ParexGroup acquires La Habra Products, Inc.
The ParexGroup acquires El Rey Stucco Co.
LaHabra facility upgrade makes it the first high speed-high volume automated stucco manufacturing in US.
The ParexGroup acquires Surewall Products.
Parex, LaHabra Products, and El Rey Stucco are merged to create ParexLahabra, Inc., the largest facade manufacturer in the United States.
Teifs Wall Systems is acquired by ParexLahabra.
Mer-Kote Products acquired by ParexLahabra and becomes MerKrete Systems manufacturing tile & stone installation systems.
ParexLahabra, Inc. becomes Parex USA, Inc. and Merkrete unveils a new brand campaign strategy.


Parex USA, Inc. creates and launches The Academy project